AWARD WINNING vegetarian restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand

Welcome to "Na Aroon"

As you may be aware we try to produce a healthy but tasty cuisine.

Na Aroon Menu

Our food is mainly vegetarian and we have extensive range of seafood. We do not sell meat. We do not use MSG, food coloring or preservatives.
We do use as much organic materials as we can and we try to ensure that we know the provenance of our food stuffs.
We use good quality oil and properly fermented soy sauce. Please ask our staff for help on menu selection if you need assistance.
Our western desserts are not quite so healthy but are all homemade and quite delicious!

It´s good to have you with us and do enjoy your meal.

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Main course @ Jan lak

Seared fillet of seabass (NV)
Accompanied with sautéed spinach, potatoes and green salad and a lemon capper sauce

Steamed fillet of seabass "Chinese" style (NV)
Steamed seabass with ginger and sesame oil served with Chinese cabbage

Seared fillet of salmon (NV)
Accompanied with rocket salad and orange salsa

Poached fillet of salmon (NV)
Accompanied with roasted vegetables and topped with hollandaise sauce

Grilled chicken breast (V)

Vegetarian chicken, crushed herbs accompanied with asparagus and grilled vegetables

Dessert @ sweet things!

Apple crumble (home made by owner)
Green apples stewed with brown sugar and cinnamon, topped with crumble - served with vanilla sauce and ice cream

Chocolate tart (home made by owner)

Dark chocolate noir served with ice cream and fresh cream

Traditional bread and butter pudding
(home made by the owner)
Delicious bread and butter pudding sweetened with honey and served
with vanilla sauce and ice cream

Dessert of the day

Freshly made fruit tart with ice cream

Gluay buad chee
Baby bananas in a coconut milk

Kao neaw ma muang
Sweet mango with sticky rice

Chow gouy

Black Chinese grass jelly with sweet coconut sauce

Lod chong nam kra thi
Chilled pandanus flour threads in coconut syrup

Tub teem grob

Crispy ruby –like water chestnut with coconut ice cream

Polamai sod loy gaew
Fresh fruit in a light syrup served with shaved ice

Fruit plate

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